This week I attended a Health & Safety Awareness Training session run by a very large organisation who operate in a very high risk sector.

I must embarrassingly confess that sadly I set off with the normal perception that this was to be yet another doom and gloom bombardment of fatality stats and the usual chuntering and regurgitation of regulations.

However I am delighted to say that I was wrong! It was brilliantly done and left me feeling enthused and really proud that there are sectors of the safety fraternity that can actually deliver a powerful safety message in a motivational way.

Without any specific content detail let me share try and share why they impressed me so much:

  • The session was short and sweet – I hour delivery plus time for questions at the end
  • They used 2 presenters – slight change in delivery method but both had a sense of humour (very important when you work for the ‘Dark Side’)
  • Massive screen – everyone could see it
  • Great venue – comfortable seating
  • They had a series of cartoons deployed as screen savers but every one of then actually contained a serious message – very clever
  • They used video clips and pictures effectively – very concise and with high quality images
  • They encouraged audience participation
  • The training objectives were supported by comprehensive handout materials that you could take away with you
  • They did provide graphic examples of what happens when things go wrong but didn’t overly dwell on this, they focused on the proactive measures that should be adopted
  • They also gave everyone a pack – folder, writing pad, pen, key-ring, massive paperclip, ruler, stress toy and guidance material – all of which was plastered with their freephone contact number
  • They had great coffee

Thank you INEOS Grangemouth for an uplifting training experience and for flying the safety flag in a positive and entertaining fashion.